Karate Goon – Version – 2

                                                           I always used to wonder about  this peculiar name ” goon ” for this dish prepared with bitter gourds and green mangoes. You will love the wonderful blend of their bitterness and sourness and  the natural sweetness brought by the coconut milk…So here  goes the recipe

Ingredients :-

  •  Bitter gourd cut in medium sized squares  – 1 cup
  • Green mango    – 1 medium sized
  • Slit green chillies    –  5 to  6
  • Coconut milk extracted twice (thin and thick)    – from one large coconut
  • Mustard , red chillies and hing for tempering  .
  1. Apply salt to the cut bitter gourds and keep for an hour .
  2. Later squeeze out the bitter juice .
  3. Now cook these pieces in a litttle  water till they are almost soft .
  4. Remove the pieces and discard the water. ( this is done only to remove the bitterness .You can avoid this if you like the bitter taste of the bittergourds)
  5. Now add the thin coconut milk to these bittergourd pieces , mangoes , slit green chillies and salt.
  6. Cook till all are soft and blended well..
  7. Add the thick coconut milk in the end .
  8. Let it boil once  and switch off the flame
  9. Temper with mustard , broken red chillies and a generous pinch of hing over the goon…!!

This makes for  a great side dish with rice.
Note :-

  1. You can also use bimbuls or hogplums or karmbals instead of raw mango.
  2. Take care while adding salt as already the karathe pieces were salted.

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