Dhuddhini Palya Upkari

              We GSB’s are known to use every available leaf into a delectable dish ! An exhaustive list of edible leaves fill our konkani cuisine !  Its said that in those days when everyone had lots of open spaces around the house , a  family member had to just go around and would be able to collect some leaf or other to make a simple side dish instantly  –  to eat with pejj (Gruel ) and yet this would be a very satisfying & tasty meal . So here I am with a  commonly found leaf – the Dhuddhini Pallo or Pumpkin leaf .In this blog you can find many recipes for pumpkin leaves & flowers ,This is a simple upkari . So if you find some  pumpkin creeper  do try to pluck the leaves  & flowers for this most aromatic & droolicious upkari ! I have used home grown leaves & flowers  and hence so fresh !
Ingredients :-
  • Pumpkin leaves , buds , tender stalks  and flowers – as available 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Oil , Mustard seeds & one Red chilli for tempering 

Method :- 

Try to collect as many leaves , and tender growing ends of the creeper , flowers & young buds too to be included .tendrils may not be used .Wash well And chop them .
Heat oil in a Kadai & prepare the tempering with mustard seeds & red chilli 
. Use chilis as per your spice level . Then add the chopped leaves & flowers .
Add salt and just sprinkle some water . Cover and cook on low/medium flame .A lot of water is let out by the leaves themselves .Cook till done .
You can retain some of the juices if you are serving with pejj or cook till dry if serving with rice & a gravy  . You may also add grated coconut but I didn’t because we love the pure  taste of the leaves , Enjoy this hot . You may keep it ready on the stove and cook just a few minutes before you serve – to retain the aroma and freshness ! 
Here is one with grated coconut 

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