Keerlu & Bikkand Upkari

                         Come monsoons and a very tasty delicacy is made in many GSB homes using a monsoonal vegetable – and that is the Keerlu or Bamboo shoot .Amchi GSBs make a variety of dishes with it and you can find the recipes in our blog !
           Since Raw bamboo shoots contain  natural toxins which are also found in Tapioca – the toxins must be destroyed by thorough cooking and for this reason fresh bamboo shoots are often boiled before being used in other ways. The toxins are also destroyed when brined . Remove all the coloured skins till you are left with  a pale off white part .This is the part to be used ,Tender parts can be cooked easily .the more mature and hard parts are usually brined .I have used the tender part for this upkari So let’s see the recipe  for this simple & tasty upkari.

Ingredients :- 

  • Finely chopped fresh & tender Keerlu
  • A handful of jackfruit seeds / bikkand – finely chopped
  • Chilli powder – as per your spice tolerance level
  • Salt to taste
  • Mustard & Coconut oil for tempering

Method :-

  1. First to remove the toxins which will make the keerlu bitter – Boil the chopped shoots in plenty of water for about ten minutes -vigorously .
  2. Then cool and drain , you may also use  them by soaking in water for two days and changing the water everyday!. If you are using canned or brined shoots – then soak them overnight to remove the saltiness . you can use these after just a wash .
  3. Heat  the Kadai and prepare the tempering and switch off .
  4. Now add  the  chilli powder in the hot oil taking care not to burn it . Alternatively you may  just add  bhajillo miriya pitto – ie – Powder of dry roasted  chillies . Add enough chilli powder to make it very spicy .
  5.  Add   both the veggies and salt .
  6.  Add adequate water to cook .Cover and cook till done .
  7. Add some more coconut oil and again let roast on a slow fire .

Your Keerlu & bikkanda upkari is ready to be served with just some hot pejj ( rice gruel ) or to be enjoyed as a side dish with rice and dalithoy
Notes :- 
Only the tender part is used straight away  for cooking . the more mature & harder parts can be brined to make it softer . For brining – Clean the keerlu and cut into medium size pieces . Add them in a sterile jar or Bharini – Add handfuls of rock salt and mix well. Do NOT add water as they will leave moisture on their own . Seal well and store in a cool place .Soak overnight before using .

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