Phemparo (Jack fruit seed skin) Upkari

                                     We GSB’s are so prudent that we avoid wasting any part of any veggie as much as possible . Indeed what many throw away as waste is converted into very yum dishes . Jack,fruit is a classic example . When many use only the  fruit bulbs & seeds for cooking,,,we use every single part of it and throw away only the thorns for the cows 😀😂😁 . You can find all the recipes for each part here in our blog ! 
                  Now this is a really intriguing part of the jackfruit – which many throw away without a second thought . & that is the white silken covering of the seed /  bikkand . Yes !!!!!!! We all call it jokingly as ‘ Bikkandache Dress ” When we remove the bulbs of mature raw Jack fruits – you get to see the seeds inside them with this covering . This is called Phemparo  in Konkani ( see pic below ) . While sorting out the seeds , this covering is collected carefully  to make yum dishes . So let us see how to make a simple tasty upkari of this .these pics are courtesy my FB friend Leela Govind .
Preparation :-
Sort out the seeds .carefully remove the covering . You need a lot of it as the final amount after cooking willl be very small. See pic below . 
 Now carefully remove the thick tail ends . Rinse  well and then use . 
Heat oil ( preferably coconut oil ) in a Kadai . Splutter some mustard seeds .Add red Chilli pieces . Take care not to burn them , Now add the phemparos , salt to taste and  a little water . Cover and cook till done . 

 Enjoy this hot with rice or pejj (gruel ) . Once you have tasted this – you will never again throw these phemparos away !

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