Phemparo Thollolo (Jackfruit seed skin/Aril )

                     Just some days back I had posted about another dish of Jack fruit seed skin here
Now this part which most discard can be used to make another yum snack . Just try this out & you will never again throw this away .
                     When you get mature raw Jack fruits – remember to remove carefully & store the seed / bikkand skin / covering or aril . See pics and preparation  in this post 
Pic Courtesy –

Method :-

  1. Clean the skins by washing in plenty of water , Then add salt and keep for some time.
  2. Now squeeze out the water .IMG_5909
  3. Deep fry . Enjoy with tea or with your lunch .
  4. You can also store them by sun drying them . Apply salt and mix well .
  5. Keep for a day . The next day Squeeze out the water that has been let out .
  6. Spread them out thinly on a sheet to dry in the sun thoroughly .
  7. May take 2-3 days depending on the intensity of the sun .
  8. Store in an air tight container .
  9. Deep fry when needed .


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