Shijjayile Nendrabazhe kele (steamed nendra banana)

                                            Nendra banana is a variety of banana which is bigger in size than the other varieties of regular banana. They are known as nendrabale kele in konkani. We already know about the benefits and its nutrient value. This banana is  used to make chips when they are raw. This variety banana is largely used by keralaites in payasam and curries too. We konkanis too make use of this banana by steaming, make halwas, caramalize and also use in curries. We already have few recipes in this blog using this banana
                        Today I am sharing with you all, various methods of steaming this banana.

Nendra bale – 2 or more nos as required
Method 1 ….  Steaming in pedavan/Idli steamer

  1. First wash and trim the sides of the banana.
  2. Heat a steamer with enough water, Place the perforated plate and keep the  whole unpeeled banana in it.
  3. Steam for about 20-25 minutes or till done.
  4. We can see the change in colour of the skin.
  5. Serve when slightly warm.

Method 2…. Steaming in Puttu vessel

  1. Heat the puttu pot or cooker with enough water.
  2. Drop the banana into the vessel and fix to the pot.
  3. Steam cook for 20-25 for 20-25 minutes or till done

Method 3….. cooking in open pan 

  1. Wash and trim the sides of the banana.
  2. Then cut into 2 or 3 pieces.
  3. In a wide vessel a 2-3 cups water, add salt and put the cut bananas into it.
  4. Switch on the gas and bring to boil.
  5. Cook until the skin loosens ,and colour of the peel changes ( Indicates  bananas are cooked.)
These steamed/cooked bananas are paired with Spicy Phova chutney and moogadali usli and served for breakfast or for evening snack

Recipe for mooga dali usli and Phova chutney is already updated in breakfast and snack section.

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