Vaali Ambat ( Malabhar Spinach Curry )

                                   Vaali or malabar spinach is a tasty and nutritious leafy vegetable. Its very common in the backyards of konkani families.Today I am sharing one of the tastiest curries with malabar spinach and mixed vegetables like raw banana,raw papaya , sweet potato making it a unique combo… Please try out this  tasty curry which is a  bit spicy and at the same time with a mild sweetness..
Ingredients :-   
    1. Malabar spinach ( vaali ) chopped roughly – 3 cups
    2. Raw banana – 1 ( cut in squares)
    3. Raw papaya – 1/2 cup ( cut in squares)
    4. Sweet potato  – 1/2 cup ( cut in squares)
    5. Onion  – 1 large (chopped in squares )
    6. Potato   – 1
    7. Coconut grated -1 and half cups
    8. Red chillies fried in little oil  – 10 to 12
    9. Tamarind   – a marble sized
    10. Jaggery grated    – 1 table spoon
    11. Onion chopped very finely  – 1 medium sized
    12. Tur dal  – 1/2 cup
    13. Oil for seasoning
Method :-
  • Pressure cook tur dal till soft.
  • Add spinach and the rest of the veggies along with salt and pressure cook for one more whistle.
  • Meanwhile grind coconut , red chillies and tamarind to a smooth paste..
  • Boil the dal – veg mix adding jaggery ..
  • Add the ground coconut mix and boil well…
  • Once  done prepare the onion seasoning..
  • Heat oil in a small pan and then add the finely chopped onion
  • Fry till they turn  golden brown and then pour it over the curry ..

Tasty ambat is ready

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