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Most of us love to munch on fried peanuts or Bhimukk / Nelakadalo as its called in Konkani. It’s the most popular snack to have  while watching a movie or reading a book or just for time pass – a anytime anywhere snack . It’s also the most easy to make snack too , You just need some raw peanuts , oil to fry & salt & spices . But the most tricky thing about frying is the correct timing to remove the peanuts from the hot oil . Otherwise you can end up with slightly burnt bitter ones or soft under done ones . I dedicate this post to my mother who was my first Guru in cooking.146490494_256188815871827_8986132187757953142_n There are two ways that you can prepare this . One is to soak and then fry & the other one is to directly fry . Both are tasty in their own way while the soaked way  takes up less oil .

Ingredients :- 

  •  Groundnuts / peanuts –  Amount as per your wish
  • Salt to taste
  • Chilly powder – as per your spice level
  • Hing – 1/4 tsp as a minimum
  • Curry leaves – a sprig or two (optional )
  • Oil to deep fry

Method  – 1 :-

  1. For the direct deep frying method heat up the oil  to hot . If using big burner in medium flame & if using small burner in high flame .
  2. In a bowl mix salt , chilli powder & hing  and keep the spice mixture ready .Also the curry leaves to be fried . 94CD169B-9530-401C-AF5A-140119D7054B
  3.  Drop carefully some peanuts in the hot oil . ( don’t crowd them too much in the oil )  .          CD31D4F1-C8E8-49A7-A3AF-827F8534C668
  4. Keep stirring  carefully . When you see  a slight color change , reduce heat to low flame at once.                            E483AF67-0B08-4BC0-B692-CDFD7B6926C7
  5. Now is the tricky part . watch carefully to see the peanuts getting just fried – a strong aroma is the correct time to remove them from the oil.
  6. Remove to a colander for the excess oil to drain . Remember the peanuts go on cooking even after you remove them it’s best to remove them slightly underdone – so that when they are cool they are  rightly cooked  & flavorful .3648158C-F336-45DE-8F29-922B5AC4735A
  7. After you have fried the peanuts . add the curry leaves in the oil . let them get fried to a crisp texture.A0925483-D28E-4419-A091-113DB0F032BA
  8.  Now sprinkle the spice mixture over the peanuts . repeat with each set of fried peanuts .          E086E150-61A3-433A-9A10-6D4D194704F8
  9.  Now toss them all together . your fried peanuts are ready to be served .
Method -2 :-
  1. For the second method . soak the peanuts in water for an hour or two till they swell up                .615DE775-73CB-45BA-BC8E-0FDE51297500
  2. Drain the water and let the peanuts become almost dry .( otherwise they may splutter while frying and spill oil )
  3.  Drop them carefully  when the oil is hot .72F0EEF2-FE7D-4E9F-ADE8-4754873DBA65
  4. You can notice they rise with a lot with lots of bubbles the top as they get cooked . Reduce heat . .EE733C41-1626-427A-9CBB-2C60BE9D97D3
  5. When  all the peanuts have risen to the top and the bubbles have nearly subsided  – you get a strong aroma  of the fried peanuts, drain them out to a colander  D4A55E9C-1480-4CE4-A4A8-8D28B0249B92
  6.  Now add the spice mixture and fried curry leaves and toss well .E086E150-61A3-433A-9A10-6D4D194704F8
  7. These are ready to be served .

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