Tera panna Ghanti Thalasani

Black Stem Elephant Ear/Colocasia or Kala Denta Tera Paan is a tuberous, frost-tender perennial with large, bold, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves adorned with dark green veins and a shiny black cast. This flourishes mainly in the rainy season . Dishes made from this are very tasty and rich in vitamins A & C ,,and protein rich too . My dear friend Veena Nayak has shared the recipe and pics of a thalasani with panna ghanti with this kala denta tera paan

Ingredients :-

  • Kala Denta paan / Black stem colocasia leaves – 25
  • Ambado/ hog plums – 3 crushed
  • Bikkand / Jack fruit seeds – 10 slightly crushed
  • Red Chillies (broken) -6 nos.
  • garlic pods ( crushed ) – 10 nos.
  • Coconut Oil – 3 tbsps.
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

Choose very tender leaves of the tera paan . Remove the stem , you need not remove the veins , Wash well and spread out on a cloth for some hours . now you can roll them into ghantis like shown in the video below .

Do likewise with all the other leaves .

Crush the Ambados and the bikkands slightly as shown in the pic

Now in a pressure pan heat the coconut oil . add the crushed garlic and sauté , Add the red chillies and the prepared ingredients , salt to taste and half a glass of water .

Close the lid and pressure cook to two whistles .

Your tasty ghanti thalasani is ready to be served .

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