This yummy recipe  is lip smacking one and is the favorite of  the GSB in and around Mangalore….Of course this is a must dish for them on Ashada Ekadashi,  Janmashtami  days etc.
Ingredients ;-

  • Tender Terya pan …15.. ( taro leaves)
  • Vegetables  (potato, Yam, yellow cucumber, cleaned washed and chopped)… 3 cups
  • Jack fruit seeds ( peeled, washed and chopped)…. 10
  • Chick pea ( soaked) – ½  cup
  • Ambado(Hog plum) ….2
  • Grated coconut ……. ½ of a coconut
  • Roasted Red chilly …… 6
  • Roasted Urad Dal ….2 tsp
  • Mustard …1 tsp
  • Methi seeds ½  tsp
  • Oil….1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste

  1. Wash and clean “Terya pan” ..roll it round and tie it to make “ganti” (taro leaves  knots)
  2. Pressure Cook chickpea, all vegetables, Jack fruit seeds, Ambado along with terya panna ganti…..
  3. Grind  coconut, red chilly, Urad Dal and  salt to a fine paste…..
  4. Mix the ground masala to the cooked vegetables, add water if required to maintain medium thickness and boil till the raw masala is  cooked
  5. Season with Mustard seeds and Methi seeds.

“Gajbaje” is ready….serve with hot rice as a main dish.

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