Kattalli Bhajjille Ghassi

            Sometimes we get a very dry coconut or copra and Katalli bhajjilli Ghassi is what comes to mind immediately !!
So when I got a copra & had a homegrown Kaachil  (yam )I decided to do this very traditional ghassi 
This is the kaachil which grew at home ,
  • Dry coconut or copra – 1/2 
  • Coriander seeds / kothambri – 2 tbsps
  •  Red chillies – 5-6 as per taste
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Kaachil –  -cut into square pieces & washed well – 1/2 cup 
  • Bikkand / jack fruit seeds – 5 -6 
  •  Chundephall / turkey berry – 15 
  • Brinjal – 1 medium cut into pieces
  • Kooka / sapoor kook / chinese potato -3-4 big ones cut into pieces 
  • Darambya sol – 1 small piece 
  • Salt to taste 

1 . Cut the copra into small pieces & roast in a kadai till they turn brown like in the pic below .also roast the coriander seeds & chillies .(you can also use slightly rancid coconut for this ..  chop into small pieces & let dry under the hot sun ..Copra too can be dried this way ..so that you can  fry them quickly )Set aside to cool .

2. Pressure cook the kaachil , bikkand , kooka with a little salt

3. When they have cooked , add the chundephall , brinjal & dharmbya sol to cook.

 4. While this is cooking , grind the copra , red chillies, turmeric powder & coriander seeds to a not so fine paste using very little water.

5. Add this paste to the cooked vegetables & bring to a boil .Keep on simmer for another 3 minutes .check for salt .

6.You can also add raw banana , drumsticks to this .


Your lip smacking ghassi is ready to be served & enjoyed with rice !

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