Karathe Kismuri/Bitter Gourd salad

                 Bitter gourds (Karathe in Konkani) is a vegetable which is either loved very much or just hated .It is no different in our family too, as I love it but others  are not too fond of this vegetable.This is the only dish which is relished by them and I end up making this every time I buy them or buy the bitter gourd s only to prepare this dish,though once in a blue moon I pamper my taste buds too with other karathe dishes ;). This is just like a salad and can be prepared with Papads (teek happolu) too.Many people back in native buy the karathe in bulk,chop into thin roundels,and sun dry them applying salt.This can be stored for longtime and used in dishes like this.

karathe kismuri

  1. 2 nos of bitter gourd
  2. 1/4-1/2 cup of coconut grated
  3. 4-5 red chillies roasted
  4. Marble size tamarind
  5. 2 medium sized onions chopped
  6. Salt to taste 
  7. Oil for frying
Chop the bitter gourd into small pieces,removing the seeds if any,apply salt and keep aside for 15- 20 minutes.
  After 20 minutes ,squeeze the karathe pieces nicely to remove all the water,which will also reduce the bitterness and fry them on a non stick pan on low flame with few drops of oil like in the picture below….
              After some 20 minutes the karathe pieces will look like in the picture ,nicely roasted 
Let it cool,meanwhile grind coconut along with red chillies , tamarind and a bit of salt  without water 
Once the  fried karathe is cooled,add the karathe pieces,chopped onions to the coconut mixture and mix well with hands so that everything blends well..
                                                                                           Check for salt and remove to a serving bowl…it is now ready to be served along with meals for lunch or dinner.
  1. Traditionally the bitter gourd pieces are deep fried ,but now a days I prefer to roast them.You can deep fry them if you prefer a day in advance  and store in a air tight container or deep fry just before preparing this dish .
  2. This is a one time dish and cannot be stored in refrigerator so its best if you prepare as much needed only. OR
  3. If you feel the coconut masala and the fried karathe are too much ..,you can mix as much needed and store the mix and the deep fried pieces separately and prepare the dish as and when required.
  4. Similarly we can prepare with phagil also called as wild bittergourd or Kantola in English .

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