Khottos – easy Version

          All of us love Khottos made from Jack fruit leaves !! we have provided the method for weaving it too in the traditional way here  in this blog !! But it so happens that we do not get enough leaves or the leaves are too small to make them ! And so most of the time nowadays that we dont have the time to make it or still are unable to make proper ones 
       In such a case you can use this method to use them easily & still have that awesome aroma of  steaming hittus / khottos !! .
This idea is courtesy my dear friend Veena Mallya  who came up with this fantastic idea !
First weave all the leaves in to a large round like this ! the leaves should have been washed & dried with a cloth . & the vhiru should have been soaked in water to make them pliable .
Now place this in a flat vessel like this !                                         
    Pour the batter in it  
Steam for about 20 minutes or until a knife thrust into it comes out clean !
Cut this into pieces & serve hot with the aroma intact!
Enjoy these flavourful pieces !

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