Kirlayil Bagde Ambat / sprouted red chavli ambat

              This is a very old and traditional recipe which has been passed from one generation to another and has always remained a favourite with everyone. Though preparing this is time consuming and requires patience, its worth all the efforts. The curry not only is tasty but healthy too as the pulse is sprouted. I have already shared many Ambat recipes with different veggies in this blog which can be found here   .
                  Please go through the recipe  and read the Notes carefully as there are some points to be kept in mind while preparing this.


  • 1/4 kg of red chavli/bagdo
  • 5-6 roasted red chillies(I use byadgi)
  • 1 cup grated coconut
  • Amla sized tamarind
  • 1 cup of coloured cucumber/Madras cucumber /magge (peeled and chopped into cubes)
  • 2 medium sized onions chopped finely
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil as required for seasoning
  1. Soak the bagdo overnight and by next day morning it would have doubled in volume and also size. Do not close the vessel with lid during soaking time as the bagdos tend to smell if closed.
  2. Wash and drain the water(retaining some moisture)  transfer the pulse to a casserole or hot box , close the lid and keep the casserole in a warm place for a day or 8-10 hours for sprouting.
  3. After the said time the sprouted bagdos will look as below—
  4. Wash the sprouted pulse gently and drop all of them into water and keep overnight or for few hours until the skin starts separating and floats on top. Most of the skin will be removed this way. Remove from water and deskin the remaining ones .
  5. Collect all the deskinned bagdo in a big bowl or vessel and immerse them in water until ready to use or boil them in enough water adding bit salt till done.
  6. Take care to see that they are not overcooked and mushy.
  7. Pressure cook magge/coloured cucumber along with 1 onion chopped into big chunks.          
  8. Grind coconut ,roasted red chillies and tamarind to a very smooth paste using water as required .
  9. Combine the cooked pulse and coloured cucumber in a wide vessel along with the cooking liquid, add the ground paste ,salt and water as required and gently boil for 8-10 minutes with stirring in between.
  10. Heat oil in a pan , brown the onions and pour over the curry, close the lid till it is served to lock in the flavours.
    The tasty ,healthy and nutritious curry is ready to be served with rice
This curry goes well with dosas as well as idlies too.Here is a picture of the curry served with Khottos(idlies steamed in jackfruit leaves moulds).

Here is a pic of Kirlayile Mooga Ambat  by my friend – Asha Radhakrishna Shenoy – done the same way as mine with sprouted moog / green gram


    1. Keeping the chavli closed for long time results in a bad smell that is why avoid closing them with lid during soaking time or use perforated plate or net to close.
    2. I always use this casserole method for sprouting any pulse as I find it easy and convenient, you can use your own method too.
    3. I had soaked the pulse overnight and dropped them into casserole the next morning and by evening the sprouts had appeared. I immersed them in water for deskinning till next morning ,de skinned and used immediately.
    4. If you don’t want to use immediately then either refrigerate as such or steam them to avoid discolouration.
    5. The ground paste should be very fine.

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  1. I was looking for this recipe in a lot of places but couldn't find it. I'm so glad to find it here. I'll make this soon. Thank you for sharing.


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