Kadgi phodi / Raw jackfruit deep fries (Instant version)

Raw jackfruit is widely used In our cuisine for making curries,pickles and fritters.Recipes with raw jackfruit have been already shared by me and my blogger friends in this blog.Now as the jackfruits are again available I thought of sharing this instant version of making fritters or “phodis” as we call them In Konkani.I have already shared the traditional version with ground batter HERE and my friend and co-blogger Asha has shared her instant version with Kantola(phagil).
Do try and enjoy this version as the Raw jackfruits are available in plenty now.


  1. 1 small tender raw jackfruit
  2. Chilli powder as required
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Oil as required for deep frying
  5. Rice flour as required (for paste + dusting)
  6. Generous pinch of Hing (gum variety or powder)
  • Chop the tender jackfruit into medium sized pieces, as big as you prefer your fritters to be .
  • Steam the chopped jackfruit pieces with pinch of salt for 8-10 minutes in pressure cooker without whistle… sprinkling little water.
  • The pieces should be soft but firm in shape..allow it to cool.
  • Dissolve hing in water ,add salt,chilli powder and rice flour and make a paste of it.
  • Add the steamed jackfruit pieces to the marination paste and mix gently so that all the pieces are evenly coated..check for salt and add if required.
  • Take rice flour in a wide plate and roll the marinated jackfruit pieces into the flour and rest it for 2-5 minutes.
  • Mean while heat oil in a Kadhai and once hot enough,turn the flame to medium.
  • Drop the riceflour coated jackfruit pieces into the oil and deep fry till they are nice red and crisp.( Check NOTES )
  • Remove on a kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.
  • Serve hot as a side dish with lunch or dinner.
  1. The raw jackfruit should be tender with no seeds … though the jackfruit with small seeds too can be used… The frying part might be bit difficult.
  2. The shape of the fritters depends on how big the jackfruit is..we can get nice triangle shapes if the jackfruit is too big.
  3. The jackfruit should be used after steaming only …though You can also pressure cook it for one whistle… but take care to see that they hold their shape while marinating.
  4. Use the chilli powder and rice flour as required for the paste depending on the quantity of the raw jackfruit pieces.
  5. In case the marination paste is excess..refrigerate the excess in chill tray and use within 2-3 days.
  6. For dusting the steamed jackfruit pieces after marination..you can also use Bombay rava instead of rice flour or mix of both…Bombay rava is used on days when rice and rice products  has to be avoided.
  7. The same paste can be used for any other vegetable and deep fried …in case if you prefer using any other veggie..no need of pre cooking or steaming except suran(elephant yam).Suran and raw jackfruit has to steamed before applying marination and deep frying.

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