Assorted Bajos/Phodis with Phodi masolu(ground batter)

                   Deep fried Bajos or phodis are liked by each and everyone.It is very difficult to explain the difference between bajos or phodis as the one with cauliflower is called bajos and the one done with sweet potato(kananga in Konkani) is called Kananga Phodi though the batter is same for both i.e with besan.Again the cauliflower bajos are liked with meals too where as the sweet potato ones are preferred with evening tea.Today i am sharing my recipe of the bajos or phodis which is bit different and is preferred as side dish along with our meals.This is mainly prepared during religious functions or festivals or family get togethers in South Canara.This is easy method when compared to dipping the veggie each time in besan batter.One more advantage is that the batter can be prepared and refrigerated a day in advance.I am sure you will love this method too .Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup rice soaked for 1-2 hours(usually we use the dosa rice)
  • 7-8 red chillies( I use byadgi )
  • Marble sized tamarind
  • 1/2 tsp of hing powder or small piece of compound hing
  • Salt as required
  • oil for deep frying
  • veggies of your choice( here I have used cauliflower and drumsticks)
 Crush the red chillies in mixer by just giving one round ,it will look like in the below picture 
Now add the soaked rice ,tamarind,hing and salt and grind coarsely without water
Now add water a tbsp or two and grind to a paste.You can add bit more water too if required but take care to see that the paste does not become runny.This is how the paste should be–
Wash and chop the drumsticks and soak the cauliflower florets in salted warm water till ready to use them. .
Apply the paste to the veggies ,sprinkle some salt and mix thoroughly so that the ground paste or masolu is coated well on all sides .
Keep this for some 10 -15 minutes just like what we call marination.
Deep fry these in batches on med high flame till they are crisp and get  nice colour which may take some  8-10 minutes more or less depending upon the quantity.

Remove the fried bajos/phodis on kitchen towel.
Enjoy these crisp bajos and phodis with lunch or dinner.
  1. The first picture is of kadgi(raw jackfruit) phodis,as I could not get good tender ones I could not show the detailed procedure for that.Same method applies to that too but take care to select a tender jack or else the seeds may scatter in oil while deep frying,also I prefer to steam the kadgis,cool them then apply the paste and deep fry.
  2. The above ground paste or as we call phodi masolu can be refrigerated for a couple of days in your chill tray or in deep freezer and used as required.
  3. If at all you feel your paste is watery or runny just add some rice flour or some besan/chickpea flour to the batter and mix well.
  4. This masolu/batter  can be used for most of the veggies like potato,sweet potato,bread fruit(jeev kadgi) gulla/brinjal,raw banana,Phagil/kantola etc

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