Gulla Bajji ( without onions)

                      Gulla is a variety of brinjal native to Udupi district in South Canara. The famous one being Matti Gulla which is grown exclusively in a small village called Matti and hence the name. I have already posted Kolmbo and Sukke using Gulla. Today sharing one more classic dish called ” Bajji ” using the same Gulla .These can also be used for making phodis both deep fried and tava fried version which also have been posted in the blog and can be found in the archives. My friend and co-blogger  Asha have already posted bajji using onions…the version I am sharing today is without onions . though both the recipes are almost similar with same ingredients . the procedure differs a bit and both my mother and My Mother in law followed the same method. So let’s start with the recipe…


  • 1 nos Gulla ( if not available can use regular brinjal available locally to you)
  • 1- 2 green chillies (adjust as required)
  • Few sprigs of coriander leaves
  • Small pinch of Hing (gum variety ) OR hing powder
  • Peanut sized tamarind
  • Salt to taste
  • Coconut oil ( optional) as required
Method :-
Carefully chose a gulla without any blemishes . wash and wipe well. smear some oil and roast on open flame . turning at regular intervals until all the sides are well roasted and charred.
Once done – place it in a wide bowl or any vessel and close it with a lid or plate. .this helps in peeling the skin .
Once it is cool enough to handle…peel the skin gently..(just in case – carefully check for any worms .if found discard that part) may wash the Gulla once peeled completely to remove any charred skin OR place the gulla in a bowl of water and peel and dip it every time so that the charred skin loosens.
Mash well with a pestle or wooden ladle or back of a spoon as shown below   .
Mean while grind green chillies ,coriander leaves, hing and tamarind coarsely just once or twice in a mixer jar…add a spoon of the mashed gulla ( usually the large chunk is added which remains unmashed properly) and give a round again.

Mix this coarse ground paste to the mashed gulla …add salt, some water and give a nice mix.
Drizzle some coconut oil and give a mix.
The delicious gulla bajji is ready to serve as a side dish
  1. If you do not prefer roasting on open flame ..peel the gulla ..cut into two big pieces and pressure cook it and proceed with the recipe.
  2. I recommend roasting it as the taste and aroma of charred gulla is something different.
  3. Use green chillies depending on how spicy you want it.
  4. The purpose of using a small quantity of mashed gulla while grinding is to blend all the ingredients well..also it is good when small kids are having it as there is no fear of them biting into chillies.
  5. Wash the mixer and use the same water to add can always add more water as per need .
  6. The consistency should neither be runny nor too thick.
  7. Some do not add coconut oil..if using just  a drizzle is enough for flavour.
  8. Tastes best when consumed immediately but can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 hours and leftovers can be refrigerated.
TIP: Use aluminium foil while roasting underneath the mesh so that the gas is not messy once you finish..just have to remove the foil and throw it away.

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