Soyi Bhajjilli Ghassi

                         Soyi bhajjille Ghassi  is a must for any function , festive occasion , special feasts in the family and of course in the temple sambradhans .Its unique , taste ,colour & aroma makes it the most popular of ghassis .Its uniqueness is the Masolu, which can be made and keeps well  for months together . It can be quickly made if you have the masolu ready with  a varied combination of dals and vegetables .This  famous  version  of the konkani food is the Cochin GSB one .

Ingredients for the Masolu;

    • Mature dry coconut-1(medium)
    • Coriander / dhaniya seeds -100gms,
    • Urad dal -25 gms
    • Red chillies -12 or more as per taste
Method :-

  1. Roast  grated coconut, & chillies separately or together  to a nice golden brown.
  2. For easier roasting – spread out  thinly on a plate or plastic sheet – the grated coconut in the hot sun evening this would have dried considerably . so within a few minutes you can roast the coconut to an even brown !
  3. Roast the dal  and coriander seeds  separately
 4. You can see the roasted coconut , dal & coriander in the above picture.
 5.  Dry grind the  fried coconut  mixture  with the roasted chillis  in a mixer till  smooth & oil separates. like in the picture below . Drier & more mature the coconut , the more oil it exudes !

6. Store in sun dried container.

7. Use a dry spoon  , this keeps well for more than 6 months .

8. You can make this in small quantities too for single use .

9. You may also add a tsp of haldi now . in which case you need not add while making the ghassi

10. Some add a teaspoon of methi seeds too which adds to the aroma


Ingredients for the ghassi – ( chono & surnu ghassi )
  •  Black gram / chono (overnight soaked)  – 200gms
  • Vegetables chopped  ( surnu , drumstick ), -1 & 1/2 cups
  • Dharmbya sol – 1 small piece or 1 large tomato
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Masolu- 2 tbsp
  • salt to taste
Method :-
  1. Pressure cook the black gram  sol and the yam well .Cook the drumstick separately.
  2. Add salt , turmeric powder & the masolu  to the cooked chono .
  3. Bring to a boil & then let simmer for another 5 more minutes .
  4. Serve hot with rice .
This goes well  with idly , dosas & chapatis too.
With this basic masolu  in hand , you can make so many varieties of ghassis  using a variety of dals , pulses & vegetables …Each has its own unique taste  – like -for example :-
  1. Turdal plus potato or Gudugo/ breadfruit .
  2. Moong/green gram plus raw banana & yam/surnu
  3. Sprouted moong plus yam/surnu & mango (avoid sol in  this)
  4. Moong plus Kooka ( chinese potato/ soppur kook )and raw banana or raw banana skin
  5. Ovro surnu & drumstick
  6. Chevli , white & green dried peas , Kabuli channa ,
  7. Bikkand Galnu Ghassi

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